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If play, however, is impacted it may result in a penalty shot or free throw for the other team. 9 meter line (Free Throw Line): The 9 meter dotted line is used when a “free throw” is awarded after a foul. All players on offense must start play above the 9 m line.

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Handball Court. The Handball Court consists of a Handball Goal on each side, a series of distance markings, a halfway line, a Free Throw line, and a goal area. A Handball Court can have 1, 3, or 4 walls depending on the venue. Three walled Handball Courts provide one side for an audience to experience the game.

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The Goal Keeper line is drawn 4 meters (4.4 yards) away from the goal and centered along the width of the court. That line marks the outermost distance to which the goalkeeper is allowed to go from the goal being defended during a penalty throw. Goal / Clearance Area: A goal is centered along each goal line at each end of the court.

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The Free Shot Line on handball court. The free throw line (9-meter line) is a broken line, drawn 3 meters outside the goal-area line. Both the segments of the line and the spaces between them measure 15cm. The Handball 7-Meter Line . The 7-metre line is a 1-meter long line, directly in front of the goal. It is parallel to the goal line and 7 meters away from it.

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Marking the handball court can take in excess of one hour. Ample time must be provided to ensure proper setup. All court lines (Diagram #1) in handball are referred to by their measurement in meters. Goal Area Line The most significant line on the court is the six-meter (19 ft, 8 1/4 in) line or goal area line. Goal Area

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Handball Court Lines. The longest outer boundary court markings are the sidelines (or touchlines). Whereas, the shorter boundaries are called goal lines (or end lines). Penalty Mark. The one (1) metre wide penalty mark measures seven (7) metres in front of the goal line. It is the zone where the players of the opposing team will take their penalty throws.

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Football court marking . court dimensions 90-120m (100-130yds) long x 45-90m (50-100yds) wide; Handball court marking . court dimensions 30-40m long x 17-20m wide; playing area - 1m beyond all lines minimum, 1.5m recommended, 7.6m height recommended, 9m height required for International; Hockey court marking . court dimensions 33.5-44m long x 16.75-22m wide